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Specialty Services

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Catalytic Converter Shield

Catalytic converter theft is on the rise in California due to the precious metals they are constructed with. Thief's can remove a catalytic converter in a matter of minutes and it can cost over $1000 to replace one. We install a thick metal shield that makes it much more difficult to steal your catalytic converter and will keep your car safe from this expensive theft. 

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Protective Door Trim

Protect your doors and other car doors while reducing wind noise with our high-quality rubberized door trim. Most installers use cheap plastic adhesive products that ruin paint and just fall off. We use top of the line rubber trims that hold on tight with coated metal clips.

Buffing a Car

Headlight Renewal

Tired of your dirty and foggy headlights? Give your car a fresh set of eyes. We will restore them for a fraction of the cost of replacing them. We use an industry-leading nine-step process to ensure your headlights stay clear for a long time. 

Car Lights

LED Headlight Upgrade

Are your old halogen lights just not cutting it anymore? Upgrade your headlights to LED to increase your nighttime visibility. LEDs also run cooler and last much longer compared to traditional halogen headlight bulbs. 

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